There is no typical victim of sexual assault. Sadly, as our nation is becoming more painfully aware, sexual assault occurs with frequent regularity; men, women, the old and young alike can be targeted as victims of a sex crime.  Often and with  heartbreaking effects, it is at the institutions where we place the most trust that sexual abuse and assault occurs.  Although the State of Texas is able to prosecute criminal rapists and other perpetrators, criminal proceedings alone may be inadequate in addressing the long-term suffering of a sexual assault victim.

If you are the victim of sexual abuse or sexual assault in Texas, you may be entitled to compensation from the abuser and/or the entity for whom the abuser was employed or affiliated . This can include a school, a university, religious organization, or a private company. Likewise, if you were abused by a classmate, there are federal statutes designed to protect you if the educational institution had inadequate response procedures and/or if they failed to take adequate measures to prevent sexual assault on campus.  

At Bell Rose & Cobos, we are prepared to advocate for you and seek recovery in the form of monetary compensation and non-monetary results. Often times, survivors seek results that are not fiscal in nature. These can include changes to institutional policies and guidelines, charitable donations, and formal apologies. These results are often more important to a rape or sexual assault victim than monetary compensation. Accordingly, Bell Rose is prepared to zealously use all legal options on behalf of our clients. 

As they fight to regain their lives and power from the perpetrators and institutions that enabled the abuse, we understand that sex abuse survivors face a multitude of feelings that can include depression, shame, anger, hopelessness, and self-blame. We also understand that for many survivors, admitting the abuse to themselves and to others can be a tremendous step on the way to recovery. Seeking legal remedies to hold the abusers and institutions accountable can be a significant step in a survivor's healing. If you would like to schedule a free consultation, please call ( 713) 300-5158 today.

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